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In the past, the pipes were mainly connected by compression fittings, the fittings will loosen because of the resonance effects from the pipe system, which need the regular maintenance, therefore, such connection is suitable for exposed installation; Regarding the press fittings,the quality depends on the hardness of stainless steel sleeve, performance of the sealing ring and tools.


Sliding fitting consist of the sleeve and fitting body. It has the advantages of reliable connection, easy installation, economy , beauty, etc.

Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa

Medium: Cold and hot water

Working Temperature:0~95℃
Material: CW617N, CW602N, CW511L


1. Excellent Sealing Effectiveness

When connecting with the pipe, the joint of pipe will be squeezed by the sleeve, and the joint becomes an integrated part, which will have the speciality of Ant-vibration and Free of any loosen. The several ribs in the nipple will be worked as several sealing rings, but better than the rubber ring as the rubber ring will be easily scratched or aged . With such special ribs, the sealing performance could be perfect . Moreover, the brass sleeve can protect the joint very well.

2. Wide Range Of Application

With the special structure in the nipple, the fitting can be used in several plastic pipes, and to be assembled in several fields such as radiator system, underfloor heating system, sanitary water, etc, which makes the fittings suitable for both exposed installation and concealed installation.

3. Economy

Sliding fitting is a kind of economical fitting free of maintenance or replacement. It has the same serving life as its relating Installation system or building system. About the cost, usually, most people will care the initial cost of the whole installation system, only few people will pay attention to the cost of maintenance or replacement. In fact, many economists has analyzed that the sum of maintenance and renewal cost is an expensive investment which is much higher than the first investment. Considering the above,sliding fittings is the most economical fitting among other fittings.

4. Easy Installation

The design of the sliding fitting is simple but effectiveness. During the installation, just use the tool to push the sleeve to the end, then the safety connection will be finished. No matter the pipe system is in narrow space or at the corner, the Installation can be done easily.

5. Healthy And Environmental

Clean Installation, no pollution on water; With the perfect sealing character, no any other sewage can get into the system.


1. Choose the correct expander

2. Expand the pipe

3. Choose the correct die and load it.

4. Push the sleeve

5. Installation complete