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Compatibility with the jaw of TH,H,U,B,F

Special Property:  LBP

Structure Description:

The main material of steel sleeve press pipe fitting is brass, and the material of O-ring is EPDM rubber. In terms of the structure, the pipe fittings are equipped with two O-rings which work as two sealing after the installation. When the heat-expansion and cold-contraction happened between the pipe and the nipple of fittings, O-ring will rebound and reseal automatically,to ensure that no leakage. In addition, the surface of the stainless steel sleeve plug is provided with three sections of the groove, they will turn to be a wave structure after pressed by the tool. Therefore, the sealing performance of steel sleeve press pipe fitting is very reliable.

Technical Parameters:

Main Parts: Brass body , stainless steel 304 sleeve, PE seat, EPDM O-ring;

Working Pressure:≤1.0MPa

Medium: Oil,water,gas

Working Temperature: 0~95℃


1. Stable installation

The traditional compression fittings are mainly connected by the thread, which will loose easily and need regular maintenance. And our new type of press fittings is assembled by the press tool, once the installation completed, no need to do any further maintenance.

2. Economy

Compared with traditional compression fittings, we have replaced the brass hex nut with economical and practical stainless steel sleeves, thus saving the cost of the pipe fittings.

3. Others

- Excellent corrosion resistance, working life up to 50 years

- Healthy: Meet some international standard for drinking water.

- Suitable for the pipe system of high-rise building.

- With the special press tool, the installation can be done easily.


1. Remove burrs

2. Insert the pipe into the sleeve

3. Use the tool to press

4. Installation complete